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A presence among us

Simple, Classical, sober are only 3 words among many to describe this monument...

Hands clasped

A beautiful piece to honor the person who has left you...

In love forever

A superb granite in the color blue bahamas featuring a sheaf of rose with a cross...


A monument in a hue charcoal that can be modified according to your tastes and especially your desir..

The album

A monument representing a book to put in memory the story of the loved one...

The church

A monument of the most classic, by its color or its design...

The Genest

A monument of black granite embellished with two magnificent parchments allowing to inscribe the las..

The godly

This monument of the most traditional will be perfect to perpetuate the memory of the loved one...

The Virgin Mary

Paradiso is an unknown granite, little used which deserves a second consideration. With its currents..

The wheat cross

This monument with a light contemporary touch offers both class and elegance...

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