A bevel of rose

A piece combining sobriety, class and elegance...

A chalet view

Monument of 20x24 of black granite of very high quality. Customized according to your tastes...

A farm in the meadows

This funerary monument is offered in a beautiful black color, the burin engraving here represents a ..

A heavenly fall

This monument is all that is more personalized as to its engraving made entirely by hand...

A loving look

A monument with a beautiful landscape made entirely by hand...

A maple among us

Black granite monument allowing you to engrave an image, the portrait of a person or the landscape o..

A melodious song

This monument represents birds here but could just as well represent what personifies you! Design a ..

A parchment

This monument of black granite is fully polished. It offers a beautiful landscape of nature decorate..

A piece of paradise

A monument that inspires calm and serenity...

A place at your side

A unique piece. Speechless!..

A summer day

Black granite monument representing the calm and serenity of a perfect day at the water's edge...

A sunrise

This monument engraved by hand in a black granite of first quality offers you a result simply specta..

A unique cross

A monument quite unique for the person who left you who was just as much...

Absolute Purity

Class, elegance, beauty all this is reflected in this magnificent monument designed to measure for t..


A monument in an extraordinary form to commemorate the memory of a loved one who was just as much...

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