A bouquet of sunflowers from the fields

A piece all that is more unique of its kind...

A flight of dove

A beautiful piece with two sublime doves in relief...

A place at your side

A unique piece. Speechless!..

A roof for eternity

A monument that will cross the ages...

A rose for every thought

A wreath of roses carved into the granite room to give you a sensational look...

Absolute Purity

Class, elegance, beauty all this is reflected in this magnificent monument designed to measure for t..

An angel come for you

Small columbarium but at once so beautiful and so classic...

An angel has passed

The color, the shape and what to say about the sculpture. Finally a monument to the classic style bu..

An angel in our lives

In order to be sure that the loved one will always watch over you from up there...

Classic to infinity

A piece all that is unique for beings who were just as much...

Custom oval

The perfect example that we can design your most unusual desires...

Dolphin jump

A piece of granite all that is more unique! Dolphins carved from granite. Beautiful...

Forgive us our offenses

This sublime sculpture of the Virgin Mary will be able to pay tribute to the loved one by honoring h..

Marie veille sur nous

grandiose sculpture making it a unique piece...

Motorcycle backpack

Black granite monument of high quality hand drawn and personalized according to the tastes and perso..

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