A presence among us

Simple, Classical, sober are only 3 words among many to describe this monument...

An eternal rose

A monument is a room that allows us to remember the last place where the loved one has completed his..


What better to represent a loving couple than an image of 2 birds standing side by side on a branch...

Heaven a prayer for you

A simple and classic monument carved in a granite of color britz blue...


A monument in a hue charcoal that can be modified according to your tastes and especially your desir..

The cross between two

A magnificent cross between two pieces of granite that are equally...

The enchanted tree

A monument of classical style, here a tree is represented but it could be the image of your choice...

The flight

A monument depicting a dove in flight to represent the person preparing for the long journey...

The Holy Family

A monument of the most classic that can cross all eras...

The intertwined cross

A very traditional granite piece presenting the alliance of a cross and flowers...

The loving heart

A sumptuous heart carved in a blue Britz granite...

The meeting of the dovecotes

A monument offering various possibilities so that it represents in every way the loved one who left ..

The pompoms

A monument to the original shape that will certainly turn heads...

The radiant bouquet

A beautiful wreath of roses carved inside a stone cut in a contemporary way...

The rose cameo

A monument that is out of the ordinary for a person who was just as much...

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