A chalet view

Monument of 20x24 of black granite of very high quality. Customized according to your tastes...

A maple among us

Black granite monument allowing you to engrave an image, the portrait of a person or the landscape o..

A melodious song

This monument represents birds here but could just as well represent what personifies you! Design a ..

A parchment

This monument of black granite is fully polished. It offers a beautiful landscape of nature decorate..

A sunrise

This monument engraved by hand in a black granite of first quality offers you a result simply specta..

An angel in heaven

This monument in black granite represents a very beautiful effigy of an angel watching over his fami..

At the birds singing

Carved in serpentine form in a magnificent granite of dark black color, this monument adapts to your..

At the farm

Monument in granite of first quality of black color, of classic form illustrating a very beautiful e..

At the key of the fields

Beautiful landscape farmer engraved entirely by hand in a piece of black granite. Note that the engr..

At the water's edge

20 "x24" monument offered here in a custom black granite at the request of the client. Please note t..

At two

Beautiful sculpture including 2 beautiful doves carved in the same granite room. A work of art in it..

Community of Sisters

Special project for a community of nuns. Several identical monuments in addition to a sculpture of J..

How sad

this monument represents this little Syrian boy found dead on a beach in Turkey in 2015. All remembe..


A monument of 42 "x28" allowing you to register the memory of several people cut in a black granite ..

In nature

Monument to the classical form and in a granite color that is just as much. This monument can be ada..

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