A heavenly fall

This monument is all that is more personalized as to its engraving made entirely by hand...

A loving look

A monument with a beautiful landscape made entirely by hand...

A summer day

Black granite monument representing the calm and serenity of a perfect day at the water's edge...

An angel full of love

A sumptuous sculpture of an angel holding his heart in his arms...

An angel with a heart of gold

The color, the shape, the sculpture all of this monument is magnificent!..

Flowers on the shelf

A gray monument accented with a beautiful wreath of flowers...

Hands and prayer

A red monument, classic but that will not go unnoticed...

Les roses rouges

A monument of red granite in a unique form arranged to a splendid wreath of flowers...

Lovely Lovers

A pink monument representing two magnificent birds...

My angel pray for us

An angel sculpted in the same granite room holding a heart in the hollow of his arms. A blow of hear..

Outstretched hand

A piece of granite in a red color absolutely sublime...


Black monument representing a magnificent rose wreath...

The birds in relief

A piece all that is more modern and sober at the same time. Unique!..

The bouquet of roses

Whether its contemporary look or its unusual color this monument will certainly talk...

The carved wreath

A piece quite spectacular, by its color, its shape and what about the carved wreath...

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