A message for you

A simple monument, allowing you to choose the drawing of your choice...

An unforgettable fishing

What better than a lake, a fishing rod and a nice catch to customize your monument..


A monument of gray color perfectly suited to the tastes and needs of the loved one...


What better to represent a loving couple than an image of 2 birds standing side by side on a branch...


A piece in a sublime black granite that perfectly represents pure love...

The biography of life

This monument of black granite offers you multiple possibilities. Here it represents a page of a boo..

The flee

A beautiful monument representing the love that united 2 people...

The flight

A monument depicting a dove in flight to represent the person preparing for the long journey...

The path of roses

This pink granite monument depicts a parchment dotted with roses...

The Rosette Harp

A beautiful parchment arranged with a rose wreath all in all sobriety...


A monument brimming with originality by its shape and color...

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