A flight of dove

A beautiful piece with two sublime doves in relief...

An angel has passed

The color, the shape and what to say about the sculpture. Finally a monument to the classic style bu..

In love forever

A superb granite in the color blue bahamas featuring a sheaf of rose with a cross...

Sheaf of rose

A monument of a color simply breathtaking. Embellished with a delicate rose wreath. A model that is ..

The carved wreath

A piece quite spectacular, by its color, its shape and what about the carved wreath...

The marital ribbon

A piece in a color that will catch the eye...

The Rainbow in bloom

This funerary monument is a perfect example of the flexibility we have when it comes to achieving so..

The rose sculpture

A beautiful room decorated with a beautiful wreath carved into the granite...

The wreath of carved rose

Un monument tout simplement splendide! De couleur unique Bleu Bahama et de sa sculpture de rose. À c..

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