A message for you

A simple monument, allowing you to choose the drawing of your choice...

A rose, a thought, a prayer

A very classic monument allowing you to recognize how much the missing person counted for you...

A stronger bond than anything

A monument in the form of menhir that represents strength...

Bouquet of roses with dove

A monument carved in the shape of a heart in a beautiful pink mountain color. The symbol of love for..

Bread in a bouquet

A monument in a beautiful pink color. For the magnets of nature this monument will be perfect to com..

Lovely Lovers

A pink monument representing two magnificent birds...

One is good but two is better

Two monuments rather than one! No quibble everyone finds his account...

Rose palm

A very classic monument that can be adapted to all your needs...

The album

A monument representing a book to put in memory the story of the loved one...

The pages of our history

Leave a trace of your life story with this monument turned into a book to leave a trace of your pass..

The parchment of prayer

A pink monument that combines class, femininity and beliefs...

The path of roses

This pink granite monument depicts a parchment dotted with roses...

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