Funeral Pre-Arrangements

Funeral Pre-Arrangements

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 4 comment(s)

Have you thought about preparing for the next steps?

We have all heard of nightmares that some families have experienced because a close member died suddenly and had not made their pre-arrangements or even made a will.

They will all be unanimous in saying that this situation was a real horror film to manage. I grant you it is not the kind of discussion that we wish to have on Saturday evening around a good supper but remains that it is essential to see there at one time or another.

It is important that each person draws up a will in order to indicate to loved ones what he wishes as final wishes, but also to avoid many hassles in the event that a couple is not married. Example, You have been in a relationship with your spouse for more than 20 years, you have children but no will. Your spouse dies tomorrow morning who will inherit RRSPs, the house, the car? Your children! If they are of minor age the whole thing will be even more complicated to manage! This is just one example among many other situations that can occur.

We strongly advise you to:

- Make a will
- Make your Funeral Pre-arrangements
- Buy your monument

These will not be easy choices, but you and your loved ones will be grateful for doing so. You will avoid a lot of headaches for people who will have to deal with this after your death. No questions about whether you would have preferred such a thing or if what they do is what you would have liked. Everything will already be planned, all that remains is to carry out your last wishes.

Think about it and above all surround yourself with professionals who can guide you throughout your process.

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