A message for you

A simple monument, allowing you to choose the drawing of your choice...

A stronger bond than anything

A monument in the form of menhir that represents strength...

Back to the nest

If you want your funeral monument to be illuminated, you must consider the Pearl Blue for your selec..

Between two roses

Beautiful green colored monument featuring a beautiful sheaf of pink polished finish...

Bird songs

This superb funerary monument is polished in front surface as well as on all of its sides, offered i..

Birds in action

This funeral monument with rounded shapes is composed of black granite of the highest quality, offer..


What better to represent a loving couple than an image of 2 birds standing side by side on a branch...

Fly birds

This sumptuous funeral monument in black and polished on all sides is presented in an unusual form w..


A sober monument but the addition of golden letters adds a touch of more...

Guardian Angel

This funerary monument offers a design both classic and contemporary, designed in a black granite, b..

In the heart of the forest

This funerary monument with non-traditional shapes but timeless classic, is offered here in black an..


Monument very contemporary that it is by its form or by its color...

On the edge of the wharf

This funerary monument carved in a high quality black granite to obtain this magnificent form, is po..

The birds in relief

A piece all that is more modern and sober at the same time. Unique!..

The Colombophile

Monument of modern style with very clean lines...

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