A farm in the meadows

This funerary monument is offered in a beautiful black color, the burin engraving here represents a ..

A loving look

A monument with a beautiful landscape made entirely by hand...

A summer day

Black granite monument representing the calm and serenity of a perfect day at the water's edge...

An angel among us

This funerary monument offers you a drawing of the type Etching representing the angels in the sky, ..

Bird songs

This superb funerary monument is polished in front surface as well as on all of its sides, offered i..


This funerary monument is all that is more unique, with its hand engraving representing a tent trail..

For the love of water

This funerary monument is presented in a traditional form, its black granite and polished facade off..

Guardian Angel

This funerary monument offers a design both classic and contemporary, designed in a black granite, b..

In the heart of the forest

This funerary monument with non-traditional shapes but timeless classic, is offered here in black an..

In the pasture

A monument carved in a premium black granite featuring a beautiful landscape of nature. Drawing done..


A piece in a sublime black granite that perfectly represents pure love...

Marie is watching over you

This funerary monument is offered in an unconventional form but still very timeless, presented in a ..

Mary pray for me

This funerary monument offers you the opportunity to have something different than the usual. A high..

Meadow laneThe edge of the meadow

This classic funeral monument offers you a splendid burin engraving representing an infinite part of..

On the edge of the wharf

This funerary monument carved in a high quality black granite to obtain this magnificent form, is po..

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