Between two roses

Beautiful green colored monument featuring a beautiful sheaf of pink polished finish...

Ensemble pour toujours

In 1 granite of a distinctive and unique color, this funerary monument is distinguished by the sobri..


This monument is simply out of the ordinary. It will turn heads for sure...

Soul of Rose

A beautiful rose carved in a granite of first quality. The quality of the granite and the detail of ..

The abyss

A monument carved in the shape of a heart to underline all the love brought to the person who was de..

The heart of rose

This monument represents all the love you have for the person who has left you...

The heartwood

What better way to express our feelings than this very sublime heart. & nbsp; The departure of someo..

The loving heart

A sumptuous heart carved in a blue Britz granite...

Together towards love

For people who want their funerary monument to have a well-defined contrasting design and engraving ..

Together we will overcome

A magnificent monument in the shape of heart accompanied by angels carved from the black granite of ..

Wholeheartedly with you

An angel simply breathtaking cut directly into the stone watching over a heart of black granite of t..

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