A Wheat Sheaf

A classic sil is one. A funerary monument in this granite, will pass very well the fashions and tren..

Classic to infinity

A piece all that is unique for beings who were just as much...


This funerary monument with contemporary lines pushes the elegance a little further than the usual n..

Heaven a prayer for you

A simple and classic monument carved in a granite of color britz blue...


A monument all that is more unique for a loved one who was just as much...


A magnificent monument completely polished with beautiful hands joined...


A monument all that is more feminine, its color, its design, a real gem...

The angel of paradise

This rounded funerary monument is carved in black granite, representing a couple walking hand in han..

The book of life

A monument in the shape of a book to record a trace of the history of being that was so dear to us...

The book of the angelus

A book made entirely of premium quality black granite. It's up to you to write your story...

The book of your story

The proof that each story is different, each monument is just as much...

The Holy Family

A monument of the most classic that can cross all eras...

The marital ribbon

A piece in a color that will catch the eye...

The Medallion

A monument of black granite embellished with two magnificent parchments allowing to inscribe the las..

The nameless

A piece of red color, it remains only to add your personal touch...

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