A bouquet of sunflowers from the fields

A piece all that is more unique of its kind...

A heavenly fall

This monument is all that is more personalized as to its engraving made entirely by hand...

An angel among us

This funerary monument offers you a drawing of the type Etching representing the angels in the sky, ..

My angel pray for us

An angel sculpted in the same granite room holding a heart in the hollow of his arms. A blow of hear..

On the edge of the lake

This funeral monument made entirely of high quality black granite with rounded shapes, offers you a ..

Outstretched hand

A piece of granite in a red color absolutely sublime...

The bronze statue

A monument of black granite in a rather contemporary form highlighting a sumptuous bronze statue...

The carved wreath

A piece quite spectacular, by its color, its shape and what about the carved wreath...

The church

A monument of the most classic, by its color or its design...

The five roses

A classic monument, feminine and so elegant at the same time...

The magic flower

A perfect example of how we can represent femininity in all these ways...

The Virgin and her halo

This piece of black granite offers you the portrait of the holy virgin surrounded by flowers. Just p..

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