At the crossroads

This funerary monument features a magnificent cross carved into the stone, hand-engraved image repre..

Forgive us our offenses

This sublime sculpture of the Virgin Mary will be able to pay tribute to the loved one by honoring h..

Hands clasped

A beautiful piece to honor the person who has left you...

In love forever

A superb granite in the color blue bahamas featuring a sheaf of rose with a cross...

Rest in peace

This monument evokes tranquility and serenity...

Shimmering cross and sheaf of wheat

This monument with contemporary shapes catches the eye not only on its look but also on its burin en..

The crisscross wreath

A monument in all simplicity in a beautiful black granite a classic that will cross the time...

The fall of the rising sun

This funerary monument carved in a black granite, sports a rather rounded form, embellished with a w..

The pages of our history

Leave a trace of your life story with this monument turned into a book to leave a trace of your pass..

The thorny cross

Black granite monument offering you the possibility to combine elegance and timeless design. A play ..

The wheat cross

This monument with a light contemporary touch offers both class and elegance...

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